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Learn how to create web resume if you’re eager to teach English abroad. Check out advice on its compositing and hosting.
Web Resume for Teaching English Abroad

Those, who want to find a job abroad, do it using the Internet. Many teaching jobs are available on the web and usually need a prompt answer via email. If you apply this way of looking a job, you should apply a specific approach. There is a difference between a web resume and a paper on. A web resume has many benefits.
Therefore, pay attention to the following steps to fing a good job abroad without any difficulties.

Step 1: Resume Structure.
The first thing you should do is to put together your resume via a word processor. The structure of this resume varies from one applied in our country. Foreign employers are eager to get to know some personal information concerning applicants that is not mentioned in an American resume. A recent photo is also recommended.

All these purposes are not for discrimination, but for having information for logistical goals. They are interested in such information as your marrital status for making accommodations for your wife or husband. Many employers are looking for applicants who speak English fluently and who are from English-speaking countries. If you mention this information at the top of the resume, you will have advantages comparing with other applicants, because you correspond to these main qualifications. Your resume should be started with such information as  Name Address, phone number, email address, Marital status, Country of citizenship and Native language. Then you should fill in the column "Qualifications". Frequently applicants place their educational qualifications after their job experience. It is not always correct, because in some cases educational qualifications are very important. In some cases, experience is not obligatory; a college degree is an obligatory thing. Thus, you should mention all degrees and certificates (especially TEFL/TESOL certification), the name of the institution you have studied and got them, and the month and year of your study. All these educational qualifications are to be immediately after the personal information section.

Other important information to be mentioned is your job experience. Mention any teaching or training related duties, even if they are insignificant. Even if you helped orient new employees or trained people on some job, mention it. The imformation concerning tutoring, volunteer, or travel experience is also necessary. American and British employers do not consider such information important, but it would be interesting for a school manager. Job employers are interested how you feel in a foreign culture, if you possess such qualities as being flexible and adaptable. Advertise your positive traits and experience, but do it in a less aggressive tone than for American employers. European and Asian employers like a more toned-down approach. Mention your experience, but not in a boasting tone.

After the "job experience" section, mention your educational qualifications, pay attention to those that are avoid of direct relation with the job requirements.
Then mention your hobbies and skills, pay attention to those that show that you are interested in other cultures or are necessary for a searched job such as computer skills and language ability. Then, mention three references and their email addresses. Ask these people whether they have nothing against to be mentioned as references. It is recommended to have former employers and teachers as your references.

Step 2: Photo Hosting.
A recent photo should also be available. It should be a medium close-up of the top half of your body. Follow a conservative style of clothes for the photo. A dress shirt and tie is recommended for men. Do not forget that you should have a very conservative appearance in the photo. Consider that men’ long hair should be hidden at the photo. A dress suit is recommended for women. Smile for the photo. Frequently, employers in Asia and in other counties more sympathize people who have a good-looking appearance. If you send a bad photo, it will create a bad impression. Convert the photo via a JPEG file; apply a digital camera or have the photo developer, place the picture on a CD.
You can unload your photos via a website www.flickr.com. It is a web site where you can place your pictures for free. You should click on "Sign Up Now" and open an account. Then you should click on "Upload Photos". Click on the "browse" button to choose the file with your JPEG photo. Then click the "Upload" button to upload your photo and keep it in your Flickr account.

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