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Learn how to create web resume if you’re eager to teach English abroad. Check out advice on its compositing and hosting.
Web Resume for Teaching English Abroad

Step 3: Creating the Web Resume.
Then you should open a free web hosting or blog account. As soon as the account is open, choose an icon "Create a new post". Title is: "Why I am eager to work in (Japan/Korea/Turkey/Etc.)". This information is asked by almost every TESOL employer, therefore it is better to locate this information on your web site. Write that you like to travel and you are interested in foreign cultures. Your employer should consider you being open, curious, personable, and flexible. Mention any links with the country. It may be a martial arts training or something else. Then you are spell check the entry and post it.

The title of your second post is: "Teaching Philosophy". Those, who are qualified teachers, should locate information concerning their approach. If you do not have any teaching experience, it is o’key. It is preferable, but not necessary. This information is interesting to keep in mind. As soon as you are familiar with your teaching approach, you are to write a short post relating your determination to be a teacher of conversational English using a natural and communicative approach.
The third post is the resume itself. As soon as you click "Create a new post", you are to copy and place your resume into the text box. Your resume should appeal attention. It is recommended to write your name at the top in large bold letters.

If you are eager to create a positive impression, you should add active links to the resume. It may be a web address of your past employers or universities. To make the name an active link you should highlight the business' name on (on the resume) and click on the globe/link icon. Enter the web address in the pop up box. It is all that should be done. Those, who are interested in you, click the link to get more information concerning your university or past jobs.
You should click "publish post".

Step 4: Add Photo to Web Resume
Do not forget to add your photo to the top of the web resume. For this purpose you should log in to your Flickr account and select the icon "Your photos". Then you are to click on the photo for applying it. You will see a large photo and a small menu placed to the left of it. On the menu, you are to select the icon "All sizes". Under the Available Sizes menu, you are to select the icon "small".
Then your small photo will appear. Under the photo two sets of HTML code will be given. You should copy the second set of code that is under the label: "Copy and paste this HTML into your web page".
As soon as you have done it, you are to open your blogger account to choose your resume blog. Click on the "edit" button located next to post that includes your resume (mention its location to be at the top post). When the text box with your resume appears, you are to paste in the HTML code from Flickr (at the top). Then you are to choose  "Publish post". As soon as you have done it, the resume will now appear with your photo at the top.

Step 5: Mention Job Advertisements.
The last thing that should be done is to mention job ads available at websites. If you create a web resume and add a photo and two short essays, such resume appeals more attention of potential employers.
While giving an answer to advertisements, you should follow a brief,easy-reading and direct style. Pay attention to the following recommendations:
1. Apply a clear Subject Line such as "Job Opening" or "Teaching Position".
2. Mention the job's criteria and prove that you completely correspond to all the necesssary qualifications such as fluent English, a Bachelors degree and required experience.
3. Do not forget to mention that your photo and additional information can be found on your web site and contain a link. For example: "A recent photo, resume, and references can be found at www.JohnDoe.com".
4. Put a copy of your resume at the end of the email, as inline text.

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