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Teaching English Abroad is a unique opportunity for native speakers and for qualified teachers. Find out the main peculiarities of TEFL jobs and what goals TEFL teachers can meet.
TEFL Jobs or Teaching English Abroad

tefl-jobsHaving a TEFL certificate, you receive all the necessary qualification and can easily teach English abroad. There are many opportunities for teaching English abroad as TEFL jobs or Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language. The most English teaching jobs can be found in countries where English is not a native language, for example, in Thailand or China. Asia is a contry that demands the largest quantity of TEFL teachers. Even in English-speaking countries, English teachers can easily find a job. It can be explained with a flow of immigrants into English-speaking countries. Mexicans move to America and Poles to England. People need the knowledge of the English language for future work, carreer development and life. Therefore, there are so many vacancies of TEFL jobs all over the world. The only thing you should have is a TEFL certificate and you will find a teaching job abroad or in your country.

The knowledge of English is necessary for the job guidance and supporting sessions within the TEFL course. Interview techniques are as important as resume writing. While being interviewed you will be asked many questions; for example, your attitude to TEFL and expectations from you and to you. It is as important as wages, working conditions and employment advantages. You are eager to know where and how to find TEFL jobs.

You can search for TEFL jobs and teaching English abroad via the internet. You may apply to forums, TEFL job databases and directories and find all the necessary information concerning teaching vacancies abroad. If you want to find a teaching job in Thailand, you should type 'TEFL in Thailand' into a search engine and many teaching vacancies will appear. Two very popular and widely-attended directories are ELT career portal and Dave's ESL cafe . Here you will find any job according to your wishes and demands. You can visit many forums at Dave's ESL café, where you can discuss many topics concerning teaching English abroad. One more method of looking for a teaching job is the classified printed and online ads in newspapers.

Many teaching jobs are available in schools, colleges, universities, language centers, businesses and companies, hospitals, hotels and tourism. If you want to find a teaching job in Thailand, you can find it in businesses, hotels and hospitals where employ English language teachers to train their staff to communicate with customers from foreign countries. Thailand has many benefits, because there are lower costs of living and lower medical expenses. Therefore, a job market for those who is looking for a teaching job is great.

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