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Teaching English Abroad is a unique opportunity for native speakers and for qualified teachers. Find out the main peculiarities of TEFL jobs and what goals TEFL teachers can meet.
TEFL Jobs or Teaching English Abroad

Every country has its own salaries, conditions and advantages. Tose who find a TEFL job in Thailand will receive $800-$2000 USD per month according their qualifications and experience. It is a high salary, because Thai people receive monthly approximately $200 USD. Living costs in Thailand are low and receiving high salaries you will be able to live well, save some money and even travel. Employers in Thailand will provide you with all the required working papers which are renewed every 12 months. You will receive health insurance automatically via monthly contributions. The duration of teachers’ contacts with their students is in average 20-25 hrs weekly. People in Thailand respect their teachers and have interest to learning.

About 80% of TEFL graduates teach English abroad for one to three years. There they impprove their quyalification, work and travel. Having returned home, they have good chances to find a good job, because employers at home are very interested in applicants who trained, taught and got new skills and qualifications abroad. About 20% of TEFL graduates receive advanced TEFL qualifications required for better TEFL jobs. For qualifications of advanced level you require Diploma in TEFL and MA TEFL. Having these required advanced level qualifications you can easily find such jobs as Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer and Curriculum Developer.

It is interesting to know that one billion people in the world are eager to know English. Therefore, your chances to find a job are great. You should be a native English speaker, have a university degree, and have taken a short training course on how to teach English as a foreign language.

There is no need of TEFL teachers in Australia, New Zealand, or the U.K. But they are needed in countries, where English is not a native language. There are many vacancies in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Japan. If you are looking a job in Western Europe, you will meet visa restrictions, but there are good chances for job search in Spain, Portugal and Greece. In Eastern Europe, you will find accommodations and salaries unsuitable; but Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic need teachers much. In Latin America You can easily find work in Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, and Venezuela.

Pay attention to applying the English-teaching experience to achive your specific goals and objectives. It may be for travel or student loans. It is useful for your professional international careers.

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