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Look through the main tips on how to compile a successfull international resume. Be sure to know the differences between internatinal and domestic resumes in order to find and get the TESOL job you wish.
International and Domestic Resumes


No matter whether you want to find a professional international job, internship or  volunteer position abroad, you should know that there international resumes  differ from domestic resumes.

Frequently, you think that you are to write a country specific resume as an international resume. It is not so. You are looking for international work abroad. It is frequently a job offered by North American based employers or international organizations. If you write to such employers, you should follow North American resumes styles.

Pay attention to the difference between international resumes and domestic resumes

Remember that international employers consider your personality, your international I.Q. more important than domestic ones. Therefore, write more about yourself. The international employers are interested in people, who work effectively in a foreign country. They do not have much interest in your technical skills.

An international resume should follow three main recommendations: First, it should be a resume that describes your personality and correspond to the employers’ expectations. Second, you should mention that you have cross-cultural skills, especially if you have a chance to work in the cross-cultural work environment. The last thing is small differences between these two kinds of resumes.

Remember that you are to describe your professional personality. You should mention your skills and group information in detain in international resumes. Do not forget to mention any important information. Describe yourself in the manner you want your employers to see you.

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