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You wish to work as an EFL teacher but still have some questions. Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about TEFL jobs and make up your mind.

jobs-faq1. Is there really a TEFL job for me?
Yes. There is a huge number of people wanting to learn English all over the world, and there are more TEFL jobs than qualified native-speaker teachers of EFL. While most countries are willing to hire English mother tongue teachers (EMT), Western Europe prefers giving places to teachers from Europe because of the easier handling of issues related with passports and working papers.

2. Where are the jobs and which countries pay best?
There is a high demand of native-speaking teachers in all parts of the world; however, economic conditions of the country predetermine some peculiarities of this demand. While teaching is not the most profitable profession (for those pursuing financial well-being, it is better to take up a career of lawyer or doctor), Western Europe, the oil-producing countries of the Arabian Gulf, Japan, Korea and Taiwan provide the best salary offers for the employees.

3. Is it obligatory to have a university degree to teach English?
Some countries (in the Middle East, for example) require a college degree (so without one you can work there only illegally, which happens quite often). However, it is not always necessary; some kind of TEFL certification is more useful; sometimes teaching experience can play a key role in job placement.

4. Can my partner and children go with me?
If you are legally hired and receive a visa with working permit you can usually take both a partner and your children (who should obtain resident’s visas) with you. However, your husband/wife may not be allowed to work, and providing for the whole family with the teacher’s income may be quite difficult. Besides, there may appear a problem with education for children, which can cost a fortune.

5. What is the best time of the year to apply for a job?
In Europe there is a particular demand of teacher in September and October; however throughout the world the job offers are available all the year round.

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