Teach English Abroad   After Arrival to the Host Country

Make use of the following valuable recommendations to get ready for the first days of the class teaching English in a foreign country.
After Arrival to the Host Country
Before the First Day of the Class
teacherBesides regulating to your direct surroundings, your priorities may center on preparation for the first day of class. Despite of how strong the desire is to jump into preparing the first lessons, it is significant to dedicate a day or so to getting a lay of the land. It will be useful to find out as much regarding your teaching situation as probable, as a part of the self-orientation process. Here are some questions to which you might want to find answers before the first day of class:

  Why are your students learning English?
  What are reasonable expectations for student progress?
  What are the students' goals?
  What are the goals of the school?
  What teaching methods is a teacher expected to use?
  What learning strategies and styles are students accustomed to?
  What kinds of teaching materials and equipment are obtainable?
  How readily can materials be duplicated?
  What is obtainable in the classroom?
  How many students will be in your classes?
  How much are teachers expected to know?
  How are teachers supposed to behave in class? Expected to dress?
  What expectations exist about teacher-student relationships? 
First Days of the Class
 It is frequently after you have made contact with your students that you are capable of making good choices concerning exact aims and techniques for your course. The first few class periods are a significant part of the information-gathering process. Additionally to learning students' names, it is similarly essential to get a sense of their English skill levels, their attitudes in the direction of English study, how easy they will be to work with, and how well they realize explanations and classroom instructions.