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Check out the useful information offering novice English teachers an introduction to teaching English in a foreign country.
english_teacherEvery year, thousands of people from English-speaking countries go overseas as English teachers through agencies, government, church, business, and academic organizations. For these beginner English teachers, the challenge of learning what to do in the classroom is compounded by the hard process of adapting to life in an unfamiliar culture. Teaching English as a beginner teacher abroad is extremely unlike the teaching as a qualified professional in an English-speaking country. Knowing how to speak English is not identical as knowing how to teach English. Learning the skill of language teaching by trial and error is a process that can take a long time and engage significant wear and tear on teachers and on students.

Discover all the necessary information that will help you to better prepare for teaching English in the foreign country.
After Arrival to the Host Country
Make use of the following valuable recommendations to get ready for the first days of the class teaching English in a foreign country.
Before Leaving Your Country
Familiarize yourself with a great number of ways you can prepare yourself to teach English in a foreign country, before leaving your home.
How to Be a Successful TEFL Teacher
Take advantage of some practical tips offered to TEFL teachers to get the most from your teaching experience and cross-cultural communication.
International and Domestic Resumes
Look through the main tips on how to compile a successfull international resume. Be sure to know the differences between internatinal and domestic resumes in order to find and get the TESOL job you wish.
Planning Your Course
Check out the useful information concerning planning your course while teaching English in a foreign country. Find out different methods that will help you to teach productively.
You wish to work as an EFL teacher but still have some questions. Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about TEFL jobs and make up your mind.