Teach English Abroad   Ten TEFL Classroom Teaching Tools

Be sure to consider important classroom teaching tools for TEFL teacher, which can help you to make foreign country experience unforgettable both for you and for your students.
Ten TEFL Classroom Teaching Tools

If you go abroad to teach, you will be uneager to take many books and posters with you. But there are things that should be taken in any case. Pay attention to them:

1. Family Photos
ten-tefl-classroom-teaching-toolsIf you teach at a beginner-level, you will have a unit devoted to family. The examples from your own family will be far more interesting to students than a lesson from a textbook. It is recommended to have as many photos of relatives as possible, because you are to explain the meaning of the words niece," "brother-in-law," or "aunt."

Showing pictures you will demonstrate necessary words. Go to to a copy shop, enlarge your photos to the size of 8x10, and laminate them. A larger size will be more convenient for classroom presentation and lamination will store their look.

2. Postcards from Home

Students are interested in photos of places their teacher comes from and you can apply postcards in many situations for practice and give descriptions to them.

3. Calendar
A calendar with large photos can be applied at lessons, while describing various seasons. It is possible to apply such calendar for lessons devoted to the months of the year and the days of the week.

4. Guidebook
You may bring a guidebook for your own travels, but you may also use it as a good teaching tool. Buy a book with big, clear city maps that can be applied at lessons for
giving directions. Have a book with many short articles concerning the local culture and customs and sidebars; such articles should contain interesting information. You may apply articles for reading. Besides, students want to know what foreigners say about their country. It would be interesting for students to read a city guide and write a guide to their own hometown paying attention to tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

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