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Speaking activities and games can make your TEFL class fun and help your students easier understand and learn peculiarities of pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary of the English lanaguage.
TEFL Speaking Activities and Games

Among the numerous speaking activities and games for the TEFL classroom, there are some which are the most effective and popular.

tefl-speaking-activities-gamesRecycling Classroom Activities

Recycling classroom activities are applying activities more than once – it maybe with the same group used for various purposes or maybe used with various groups. It saves your preparation time and helps you to improve your activity and correct your mistakes.

You can apply at the beginning of a class recycle warmers known as the short fun activities to warm people up and to make them work and to be involved in the discussion. You can use one topic for one group and another for another group. Use interesting ideas appeared in one group for another one. It will be a new impression for you.

Write 75 activities on pieces of paper and recycle them periodically. Store them in sets with paperclips or rubber bands. Apply colored paper – a different color for each set –not to mix up the sets. Laminate them if possible for better storage. Use various activities at lessons. In such way, you do not need to invent something new; you can use an old activity that was not used for a long time. Apply such recyclable activites as vocabulary activity, the reading race , moving questions and the listening activity. 
Teacher should make their students to speak. Pay attention to two kinds of speaking activities that are suitable for the lower intermediate level and higher level.

Moving questions

Put a list of questions related to the theme before class. They can be related or controversial. Give each student a question and then ask students to find a partner and ask their question. As soon the partner answered the question, he asks his own question. When they asked each other questions, they change partners and ask the same questions. Such kind of activity is not creative, but it is quite suitable for quite students. If you have a group of fourteen, spend twenty minutes to this kind of work.

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