Teach English Abroad   Choosing Props for the ESL/EFL classroom

Get to know what additional materials you can use in your work in order to raise effectiveness of the teaching process.
Choosing Props for the ESL/EFL classroom

Using various "props" will diversify the lessons. You can use them in order to promote conversation, as a visual tool to help students learn grammar points, involve other, arouse student interest and involvement in class activities.

Useful objects
° Personal Photographs.
° Colored Chalk or Markers .
° Building Blocks.
° Tape or Video Recorders.
° Hand-Puppets.
° Paintings and Photographs.

The effect of every object can be different mostly depending on teacher methodology and his/her goal to achieve. What is true – you should develop your creativity and imagination while thinking what additional visual materials may strengthen the effect of different exercises.

Personal Photographs
Letting students to descript their own photos you give them a chance both to use English and to speak something close to them. In such a way you involve the students emotionally to educative exercises. It also gives them a confidence as they speak about something they know well.

Photos may be useful in studying grammar:
Present Continuous - what are the people on the photo doing?
Present Perfect - what have the people in the picture done since the photo was taken?
Past Forms - what happened the day the photo was taken?
Descriptive Adjectives - describing the people and/or places in the photographs.

Colored Chalk or Markers
Using colored chalk or markers you can help the students to associate different grammatical structures or even tenses with certain colors. But remember to be consistent: if you’ve used green for past tense, use this color for this tense further.

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