Teach English Abroad   A Good TESOL Teacher

If you want to learn English well, you should find a good and qualified teacher who can motivate you to learn English by making the lessons interesting and educational. Get to know about what to look for in a TESOL teacher.
A Good TESOL Teacher
tesol_teacher1. Education and Qualifications
A lot of English learners believe that if a person is a native speaker of English, then he or she can teach English. This is not true for the reason that like any other professions, teaching English is one which needs special training. Qualified TESOL teachers should have a solid knowledge of linguistics, language acquisition, and present teaching theories and methodologies. They should also continually stay modern by, for instance, extensive reading and attending language conferences.

Even when language schools boast that they only employ teachers with TESOL certificates, you still need to be conscious that there are a lot of dissimilar teacher training courses proposed by plenty of institutions around the world, and a lot of issue a TESOL certificate or TESOL diploma upon the end of their course. A number of such certificates are identified by official bodies, but many are not.

The quality of teacher training courses differs as some are taught by qualified teacher trainers and are excellent courses; though, some are not professionally taught and can be finished in as little as 5 days. As you can imagine it is impossible to be trained to be a teacher in five short days.

Consequently, even if your English teacher has a TESOL certificate, ask him or her the following questions:
• Where did you get your training?
• Is your TESOL certificate officially recognized?
• How many hours of training have you received? (An acceptable number would be 250 hours with practicum).
• Tell me about your teaching methods.

2. Experience (in teaching a second language)
In many countries language schools have a preference of hiring young men and women, who have little or no teaching experience, as English conversation teachers. It seems that appearance is more significant than anything else.

It is not true that young teachers are not good, but experience is an extremely significant and valuable advantage to a TESOL teacher. The more you teach, the more you understand how students learn, which methods work, what kinds of materials are helpful.
It is also sensible to find a TESOL teacher who has had experience in learning a second or third language in order to get better understanding.

3. Students' needs and learning styles satisfying
A good TESOL teacher should also find out students' needs and their learning styles, and try to please such needs and teach in such a way that embraces students' dissimilar learning styles. It means that if a teacher uses the same technique and materials to teach all students, then chances are the teacher is unaware of students' diverse needs and learning styles. 

 4. Patience
Various students learn English at dissimilar paces. A good teacher should be patient and should not censure students who are making slower progress than others. An impatient teacher will most surely de-motivate students in no time at all.

5. Dedication
A good TESOL teacher should also love teaching and be dedicated to the teaching profession. Unluckily, there are a lot of so-called English teachers, particularly in countries like Japan and Korea, who teach just for the money. They rarely prepare for classes, do not improve their skills, and usually do not care about their students.