Teach English Abroad   Ho Chi Minh City TESOL

The course includes not only traditional preparing teachers to work with non-English speakers, but also 30 hours of Vietnamese language and cultural orientation.
Ho Chi Minh City TESOL

ho_chi_minh_tesolCourse information
Price - from £1690
Course type - 4-week equivalent TEFL Course
Min age – 20
Max Class Size – 16
Education - Bachelors degree or prior work experience highly recommended

Course Description
The course is designed in such a way to prepare professional English teachers and give them the basics of Vietnamese life to live and work successfully in this culture. The studying program has two main sections: Language and Academic Program.

The Vietnamese Language and Cultural Awareness program has a goal to:
  # give students the local language skills needed for daily life
  # give you understanding of being in the learners’ seat (to understand your English learners better)
  # make you acquainted with chief techniques and tools you then will use as a teacher, now being taught in the same manner
  # introduce the Vietnamese culture to you, giving a major cultural overview and orientation what’s polite and acceptable or offensive in a new culture.

The academic program covers all topics you will need in your teaching practice. A great part of the course is devoted to teaching practice so you will deliver real lessons to real English students under observation of professional trainers. The programme includes developing of your planning, organizing skills, keeping attention of students during the lesson etc.

Obligatory Subjects
* Language Acquisition – Principles & History
* Classroom Preparation and Introduction
* Presenting New Language
* Organization of Language Practice
* Increasing Vocabulary
* Listening Skills
* Active Communication
* Lesson Planning
* Classroom Management
* Student Centered Teaching
* Grammar
* Job Development & School Relations
* Phonetics
* Teaching Reading & Writing
* Early Childhood Development
* Techniques for Teaching Young Learners
* Teaching 0ne to One
* Overview of Business English
* Textbook Selection & Use, and
* Language Assessment & Evaluation.

Excursion Options
All excursions take place during the four week course and and include:
1. White sand Vung Tau Beach: exotic seafood and a variety of aquatics sports.
2. Famous places of Ho Chi Minh City and the city zoo.
3. Boat trip into Mekong Delta.
4. Beach Nha Trang: great seafood, jungle waterfalls and number of possibilities to have fun.
5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia: city of ancient temples and special spiritual atmosphere.

School Details - Ho Chi Minh City TESOL
The School has been working with students since 2004, although it relocated in 2006. This school provides courses in TESOL/TEFL and classes on speaking the Vietnamese language.
During the course you will get the necessary information on resume development, the employment and legal system, ways to get a job of your desire. There are a lot of vacancies for English teachers in South Asia, the school guarantees you a job in this part of the land. But the question is not to get any job but to get a job of your dream and get a deserving salary.

How to Apply
1. Choose the start date fitting for you.
2. Download the application form and save it on your computer.
3. Complete it offline in your own time.
4. Go back to the site, sign in and submit your completed form.
5. You can also submit an application by fax, or post.
You can get the empty application form here.