Teach English Abroad   TESL Schools in Thailand

Enjoy every moment of your teaching tenure with the help of one of the best Thailandís TESL schools offering its students excellent accommodations in addition to brilliant teaching experience.
TESL Schools in Thailand

Thailand is an exciting tourist paradise that guarantees visitors a lot of interesting things. To add to the prospects of the successful tourism industry, the Thai nation and the Thai government is popularizing English as a medium of communication. That is why the majority of the TESL Schools in Thailand, conducting recognized TESOL, TESL and TEFL certification courses, are accepted by the Thai government.   

If you are want to make a career in teaching English as a second language, get yourself enrolled in a precise curriculum proposed by numerous TESL schools in Thailand and obtain an applicable qualification. In addition, you can join to any of these TESL schools in Thailand as a working teacher of TESL.

ECC is the most well-known language school in Thailand. It has branches all over the state. Some of them are in the busy city centers and other in comparatively quiet remote places. ECC was founded in 1983. A variety of English language curriculums are conducted at the ECC TESL Schools in Thailand – right from general conversation courses in English to precise certification courses.

ECC proposes the Cambridge CELTA course, the YL extension to CELTA, the TESOL TEFL course and other certification courses for teachers who would like to pursue an international teaching career in English. ECC’s own two-week TESOL course is a good introduction course for candidates looking for higher qualifications such as the Cambridge CELTA. The course includes both theoretical and practical classroom sessions.

ECC promises some exclusive advantages for those availing English language courses:

• ECC-issued TESOL certificate is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education

• Course-fees at the some ECC TESL schools in Thailand are not irrationally high and even usual jobholders have enough money to cover the expenses. Scholarships are granted to brilliant performers.

 The AUA, one of the TESL schools in Thailand goes after the SIT TESOL curriculum. The 21 branches of the AUA spread throughout Thailand abide by the SIT TESOL Certificate Course offering participants with professional knowledge and skills for teaching English as a second language. The curriculum is a 130-hour TESOL training program, whereby potential teachers of English are given practical training with the help of teaching demonstrations, lesson planning and analysis in addition to practical teaching.  

TESL schools in Thailand propose enormous prospects for teachers of English language. The TESL schools in Thailand present actually helpful working environment. With a standard class-size of 12 to 16 students, the teaching sessions are not in fact straining for the teachers. The TESL teachers have straight access to the school libraries full of textbooks, reference books, video and audio cassettes and other advanced teaching materials and methods in the teachers’ rooms.