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Ban Phe TEFL Course

ban_phe_tefl_schoolThis is TEFL International's flagship location and indeed it is very first. The Ban Phe course is situated just 100 meters from the beach. Ban Phe is a drowsy and old-fashioned fishing village 180 km south of Bangkok, and completely situated along the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Thailand.

Several outstanding Thai and seafood restaurants and a lot of great shopping places can be found through Ban Phe. Pattaya, a lively town filled with shops, restaurants, and much much more, is simply a short bus ride away and Koh Samet a ship trip from Ban Phe.

Course Location
Ban Phe TEFL course is situated 100 meters off the beach and about 2 km east of Ban Phe, neighboring to the beachside pine forest of Suan Son, in addition to proposing simple access to Koh Samet and other beautiful Thailand locations.

  Why Choose the Ban Phe Course?
• A wealth of indoor and outdoor activities
• Free island boat trip to Koh Samet
• Four hours of "Survival Thai" language classes (Optional)
• PADI Scuba Certificate (Optional)
• Buddhist Meditation Class (Optional)
• Thai cooking class (Optional)
• The Flagship classes of our other locations

Course Fees
The course fee is $1,690 including accommodation.
The course fee is $1,590 without accommodation.

  Course Dates
• 07 May 07-01 Jun 07
• 04 Jun 07-29 Jun 07
• 02 Jul 07-27 Jul 07
• 06 Aug 07-31 Aug 07
• 03 Sep 07-28 Sep 07
• 01 Oct 07-26 Oct 07
• 05 Nov 07-30 Nov 07
• 03 Dec 07-28 Dec 07
• 07 Jan 07-01 Feb 08
• 04 Feb 08-29 Feb 08
• 03 Mar 08-28 Mar 08
• 07 Apr 08-02 May 08

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