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Dream about teaching English in Spain? Choose the TEFL Certification that will give you a great opportunity to teach English not only in this country but also worldwide.
TEFL Course in Madrid

madridMadrid is surely the place to immerse yourself in Spanish culture as there is much intellectual motivation obtainable at some of the best museums in Europe like the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen Bornemizsa. Madrid, the Spanish capital, and the business and financial center of Spain, is the best place to find TEFL jobs in Spain.

Experience the best of Spain in the beautiful capital city, Madrid. The majority of residents of Madrid speak Castilian Spanish, so if you also want to advance your Spanish, it is the place for you. English is not extensively spoken in Madrid, so there are a lot of opportunities for another qualified English teacher. So if you are in the mood to methodically submerge yourself in Spain, do it in Madrid.

  Why Choose the Course?
• The hub of Spain with easy access to all other parts of Spain and Europe.
• The ideal place to learn Spanish in Spain as very few people speak English.
• Madrid is the business centre of Spain and so has the most jobs.
• Probably has the best night life in Europe.
• Ski in the Sierra de Guadarrama, fly to the beach in about an hour.
• Visit historical towns like Avila, Segovia, Toledo, Chinchón and Alcala de Henáres, the birthplace of Cervantes.
• Experience Flamenco at its best.
• A city rich in the arts and theatre from the old masters shown in the Prado museum to the musicals shown on the Gran Via.
• Friendly, hospitable, cosmopolitan population.
• The best seafood in Spain, excellent cuisine, architecture, sights, sounds and smells.

TEFL Course Fees
$1,490 (excluding accommodation)
Accommodation: self-arranged accommodation options available

Course Dates
madrid29 May - 23 Jun 2006
03 Jul - 28 Jul 2006
07 Aug - 01 Sep 2006
11 Sep - 06 Oct 2006
16 Oct - 10 Nov 2006
20 Nov - 15 Dec 2006
08 Jan - 02 Feb 2007
12 Feb - 09 Mar 2007
19 Mar - 13 Apr 2007
23 Apr - 18 May 2007
02 May - 22 Jun 2007
02 Jul - 27 Jul 2007
06 Aug - 31 Aug 2007
10 Sep - 05 Oct 2007
15 Oct - 09 Nov 2007
19 Nov - 14 Dec 2007

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