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Find out why it is favorable to take TEFL course in Spain, learn more about getting certificatin and working in Spain.
flag_spainSpain is very much the mecca of English language teaching - the combination of wonderful people, an agreeable climate, and a culture which is very much the missing ingredient in the Anglo Saxon world, makes it an irresistible destination.

We currently offer a fast-track TEFL course admissions service for Cambridge CELTA & Trinity CertTESOL courses in Barcelona, Cadiz, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Valencia.

The competition for 'TEFL in Spain' is considerable, and schools in the major centers are usually swamped with applications - hence the need for the personal touch and a healthy dose of lateral thinking. The most popular place for teaching English in Spain might be Barcelona; there you may be even asked to show you TEFL certificate or a college degree before letting you loose on their students. Though, it may not be such a great problem for experienced teachers.

Another way in is to prove experience or qualifications not only in TEFL, but also in teaching Younger Learners, or Business English, two highly important areas of specialization in English teaching. The main thing is to get off the beaten track, and seek to go to smaller provincial towns and provinces away from urbanized capital. You will be able to get a lot of real life experience here, and learn to speak some Spanish.   

No matter where you choose to go and where to stay, it5s advisable to learn at least a few words of local tongue. This is particularly the case in Spain, so look out for courses combining TEFL with a couple of "chill out weeks" of learning Spanish - which also gives you accommodation and something to do whilst searching out that all-important first job!

TEFL Course in Barcelona
Join the TEFL Course in Barcelona and start teaching English in Spain using the certificate that will give you the opportunity to teach your native language not only in this country but also abroad everywhere.
TEFL Course in Madrid
Dream about teaching English in Spain? Choose the TEFL Certification that will give you a great opportunity to teach English not only in this country but also worldwide.
TEFL Course in Seville
Experience all the wonders of Seville at the same time as studying for a TESOL certificate. Perhaps with a TESOL you will never have to leave Seville again?