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Read about taking TEFL course in Poland, find best employment options and career hints for English teachers.
flag_polandIf you want to teach English in Poland, you should get the TEFL certificate, preferably here, in Poland. The course in Wroclaw is run by International House - a seal of quality which will be recognized around the world above and beyond your Cambridge CELTA qualification.

Poland is a good and comparatively not very expensive place to get the certificate, and the job market is great here, if you want to find a good position, the vacancies are numerous. If you're still undecided where you'd like to work, taking a TEFL course such as the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL there is a low risk way of experiencing life and work in that part of Europe.  

Other teachers in the schools will be a good source of information as to what opportunities exist locally. While you are settling down in Poland, during getting acquainted with atmosphere, why not to take additional polish learning course?  These are inexpensive and, combined with host-family accommodation, you'll have the language and stability you need to find work and get settled. 

Poland is very much the gateway to the whole of Eastern Europe - a hugely popular training ground with relatively plentiful opportunities for newly qualified TEFL teachers. So you won’t find a better place to get your certificate ands good working experience than in Poland. 
Wroclaw Cambridge CELTA
Wroclaw is a great and a beautiful place to work, study and rest. The school is a nice place in the centre of the town, easy to access, well equiped and with friendly staff and tutors.