Teach English Abroad   TEFL Course in Thames

Study carefully the information about TEFL course in Thames, New Zealand that is the best location for getting TEFL certificate as well as taking pleasure in numerous sports and places of interest.
TEFL Course in Thames
thames_new_zealandThe TEFL Education Centre in New Zealand is located in Thames. It is a unique historical town of New Zealand, about two hours away from Auckland and Hamilton. Thames was one of New Zealand's largest towns over a century ago. The area is of historical interest, with heritage trails, local museums, fine Victorian buildings and historical objects of the gold-mining and tree logging days. Countless sports such as rafting, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, trekking are available there. Moreover you can take pleasure in the background of the ocean or the grand Coromandel Ranges. It will also be a pleasure for you to visit the volcanic thermal area with boiling mud and geysers or watch the Kiwi birds walking through the rainforest.

In order to do the TEFL course in New Zealand, a tourist visa is necessary. If you would like to start work after the TEFL course within New Zealand, it is sensible to get a temporary working visa previous to leaving your home country. It is not actually hard to get a temporary working permit for New Zealand, particularly if you are a citizen of the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia or the US. On the other hand, you must apply before your departure as this process can take up to 8 weeks.

TEFL Course Fees
US $1,490 course fee excluding accommodation
US $1,690 including hostel accommodation
US $2,190 including home-stay accommodation incl. breakfast and dinner Mon-Fri, 3 meals Sat-Sun
US $65 Auckland Airport pick up (optional)

TEFL Course Schedule in Thames
thames01 May - 26 May 2006
06 Jun - 30 Jun 2006
03 Jul - 28 Jul 2006
07 Aug - 01 Sep 2006
04 Sep - 29 Sep 2006
02 Oct - 27 Oct 2006
31 Oct - 24 Nov 2006
27 Nov - 22 Dec 2006
08 Jan – 02 Feb 2007
12 Feb – 09 Mar 2007
12 Mar – 05 Apr 2007
16 Apr – 11 May 2007
14 May – 08 Jun 2007
11 Jun – 06 Jul 2007
09 Jul – 03 Aug 2007
06 Aug – 31 Aug 2007
03 Sep – 28 Sep 2007
01 Oct – 26 Oct 2007
29 Oct – 23 Nov 2007
26 Nov – 21 Dec 2007

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