Teach English Abroad   TEFL Course at Dunham Institute

Get a TEFL certificate at Dunham Institute in Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico that will not only prepare you as a teacher to non-English speakers, but also provide you with communications skills applicable to every day life.
TEFL Course at Dunham Institute

dunham_institute_chiapa_de_corzoThe TEFL certification course at Dunham Institute meets all international standards of quality and regulation. The course proposes 4 weeks of intense, complete, and hands-on training, which total over 120 hours. With the stress on the practicum part of the course, all teachers graduate with over 15 hours of actual teaching practice.

Why Choose the Course?
• At Dunham Institute 6 candidates per session are accepted because it is always advantageous to study a subject in small groups.
• It is possible to make the TEFL course up to you. So if you need additional work on a definite part of the TEFL course, it may be with no trouble accommodated due to your needs.
• You have an exceptional chance to get over 30 hours of teaching practice a session. You will be evaluated on 6-10, but you are welcome to teach as much as you can.
• The TEFL program proposes comprehensive instruction in all of the following aspects and more of teaching a foreign language: 
 - Language acquisition
- Learning/teaching theories
- Classroom management
- Lesson planning
- Test preparation
- Classroom observation of novice and veteran teachers Practicum

TEFL Course Costs
$1300.00 USD including handouts, handbook and housing with a local family (the housing does not include meals, but you have full use of the family kitchen).

dunham_institute_chiapa_de_corzoCourses Dates
April 16th – May 11th 2007
May 14th – June 8th 2007
June 11th – July 6th 2007
July 16th – August 10th 2007
August 27th – September 21st 2007

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