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flag_mexicoMexico is an extremely large and amazingly compound country. The busy factories and U.S.-influenced culture of the northern border towns seem centuries away from the original traditions of southeastern Chiapas. But in Mexico, this variety is unifying rather than divisive, as diverse geographies, ethnicities, customs, accents, and music are all proudly called “Mexican.”

Because of the country’s size and diversity, it would be hard to name an activity that you could not do here. Outdoor enthusiasts head to the coastal regions to take pleasure in world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and a host of other water sports. Archeology buffs can discover countless mystical wonders left by the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. And visitors of all sorts will be satisfied with the exchange rate – Mexico is disreputably inexpensive. Shopping could be a full-time occupation, as could sampling the local cuisine or participating in the nation’s continual fiestas. It is not possible to see everything there is to see in this great country in only one visit. Fortunately for most visitors, however, your first trip to Mexico probably will not be your last.

A true gateway to Central and South America, the Mexico TEFL course in Playa del Carmen has to be one of the most exotic the TEFL course admissions service has to offer. Only International House runs this TEFL course. Though a tough course, the antidote to the stress lies in the fact that the beautiful school is but a couple of blocks from the beach.  

This course location is particularly favored by those wishing to find a TEFL job in this area, and North Americans are particularly welcome here. The best way to get TEFL job is to be there on the ground, to come to the schools personally and to introduce you. The big market is for business English teaching, as Mexico enjoys such strong trade links with the USA.

Some particular subjects are all that you are illegible to teach with an MA in TESOL. Increasingly, however, value is being placed on the internationally recognized 4-week courses which are of more practical use when teaching.

Guadalajara TEFL Certificate
The language school prepares students to teach English as a foreign or second language and also find them a paid employment in Mexico or even all over the world, as international certification gives you worldwide acceptance as an English teacher.
TEFL Course at Dunham Institute
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