Teach English Abroad   TEFL Course Opportunities in Italy

Learn about opportunities and advantages different language centers and schools in Italy offer you, when searching for a certificate TEFL course.
TEFL Course Opportunities in Italy

There are several highly respected and world wide recognized organizations in Italy that offer TEFL courses for teachers of different age and background. These institutions include such prominent ones as The International TEFL Corporation, European Language Centers, and Learning Center Tuscany. Below there are short descriptions of the courses in each of these organizations.

The International TEFL Corporation offers a 4-week course in Rome, the certificate of which is recognized worldwide. The advantages to be considered include:
• 4 different TEFL International courses;
• those who have signed up for one of the courses, can take up one more additional course free of charge (among them Introduction to TEFL, Teaching Business English, Teaching English to Young Learners) ;
• 17 locations around the world to offer such courses;
• online materials and lesson plans access;
• teachers are provided with job guidance and support throughout their professional career.

A particular emphasis is put on the potential teachers’ understanding and practical application of the material. Besides, teachers are to complete a teacher’s journal, which is also assessed. The Board of Academic Advisors (BOAA) externally validates and moderates the course.

In European Language Centers there is another 4-week IATEFL Cert TESOL course in Florence, Italy. The organization is the largest one among the like in Europe with courses available for training in such cities as London, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Prague. The peculiarities of the courses offered are:
• there is no second language or previous teaching experience requirement for teachers;
• the topics the course covers include TEFL approaches, methods as well as plenty of practical classes in real classrooms;
• internationally accepted TEFL certificate with British Council recognition is awarded to the participants on completion of the course;
• non-stop job guidance world wide.

Learning Center Tuscany is a language and cultural institute in Florence, which offers two courses for potential EFL teachers. Their offer comprises:
• Intensive TEFL Certificate Course;
• an all year round  TESOL Diploma Courses with starting dates at the beginning of each month;
• opportunities for the research work;
• acquaintance with Italian culture.

The application procedure for any of these courses is similar and can be as follows:
1. Choose the start date fitting for you.
2. Download the application form and save it on your computer.
3. Complete it offline in your own time.
4. Go back to the site, sign in and submit your completed form.
5. You can also submit an application by fax, or post.
You can get the empty application form here.