Teach English Abroad   Florence Borgo San Lorenzo TESOL

Having TESOL Certificate gives you an opportunity to live and work abroad, to explore new countries and cultures. Florence is a nice place to study and get world recognized teaching English certificate.
Florence Borgo San Lorenzo TESOL

florence_tesolCourse Type – 4-week equivalent TEFL Course
Min Age – 16
Price - from £1906

Course Description
The main goal of the course (TESOL - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) is to give the students English language teaching skills and provide graduates with deserving job opportunities both at home and abroad. The course will be helpful to those who have little or does not have any experience in teaching at all, and those, who already work as a teacher but does not have formal or practical teaching qualification.

The main part of the course is studying the fundamentals of language teaching. The most important result expected from the course is improved skills enabling you to teach English to adult learners effectively. Each trainee has to deliver a minimum of 10 teaching hours during the course and completing written assignments. During the entire course trainees are observed by experienced English teachers who analyze their work, give consultation and feedback.
Teaching English skills give you an additional opportunity to live and work abroad, learning new countries and cultures.

School Details - Florence Borgo San Lorenzo
The school comprises a two-site campus in Florence. It is located in a 19th Century building across the Piazza della Republica, the heart of the city's historic centre. The building is one minute from Borgo San Lorenzo.
The school is well equipped with teaching and input facility for teacher training. It has 6 classrooms; internet access (also a Wireless Hot Spot) is available for students’ use.

Florence is a capital of the region of Tuscany. It is situated on the banks of the Arno, between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian seas. It is a city which bustles with industry and craft, commerce and culture, art and science. Florence has very rich art and architecture. You will find here a lot of monuments of ancient culture belonging to the Italian Renaissance going back into the 15th century. Today many specialized institutes are located in Florence, so it is an international cultural center. Academies, art schools, scientific institutes and cultural centers all contribute to the city's intense activity.
The students are also introduced to Italian culture, taking Italian lessons and numerous excursions.

How to Apply
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5. You can also submit an application by fax, or post.
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