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Read more to know what Florence School Piazza della Republica presents to new students today and what job possibilities you can rely on.
Florence Piazza della Republica TESOL

florence_tesolCourse details
Course Type - 4-week equivalent TEFL Course
Min Age - 18
Price - from £2017

Course Description
TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is designed to prepare well qualified English language teachers. The course consists of three main components:
1. Teaching Skills and Classroom Management:
 · Training Sessions 
 · The Observation of Experienced Teachers 
 · The Observation of Peers 
 · Teaching Practice with Groups 
 · The Individual Student Teaching Project 
 · Guided Lesson Preparation Time 
 · Unknown Language Study
2. Language Awareness:
 · Analysing Communication
 · Grammar Awareness
 · Phonology
3. Personal Skills and Qualities:
 · Observation of and interaction with trainees. 
 · The Trainee File and the Self-Assessment Tasks 
 · Individual Progress Sessions

The interesting part is learning unknown language. You will be given several lessons to have the general review of the new language. During the course you will study the basics: the most common sentences you have to use in everyday life on the market, in the shop, on the station, in restaurant etc. You will try to read and pronounce in a right way.

Special offer
The course gives to all the trainees an additional opportunity - a free pasta workshop at Apicius, the Culinary Institute of Florence. Under the instruction of a professional chef you will learn how to make fresh pasta and the sauces that go with it.

School Details - Florence Piazza della Republica
The school in Florence is part of a global educational organization. The school is located in the historical centre of the city. It is well-equipped with all needed facilities. The school has classrooms, library, computer room. Students often find the job even before they complete the course. It is one more sign they get a good training during the course and then are highly appreciated by employers.

Help for Jobs
Assistance in searching for job during and after the course includes:
 # training in writing a TEFL CV/resume;
 # information on the TEFL world and job market in general;
 # interview techniques;
 # individual job guidance sessions with on-site job guidance counselor; and
 # lifelong job assistance on request.
The school (as a part of international organization) guarantee employment to all successful graduates in a number of countries after completing the course:
the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Russia, China and the Far East etc.

How to Apply
1. Choose the start date fitting for you.
2. Download the application form and save it on your computer.
3. Complete it offline in your own time.
4. Go back to the site, sign in and submit your completed form.
5. You can also submit an application by fax, or post.
You can get the empty application form here.