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Italy is a beautiful european place to study, work and live. Read more to know about TEFL courses in different cities of the country.

italy_teflItaly is one of the oldest, and most fascinating, European countries. It is associated with good taste in fashion and food. The country has rich art and architecture.

The TEFL market in Italy is well-established and continuing to grow. Teacher with relatively little teaching experience are in a big demand in number of Italian language schools. The are many jobs in smaller towns, cities and villages. In case you are offered to work in rural school, you will be provided with a school car for the teacher’s use. If you are offered such a work, at first, check out the place you have to work in.

There are also plenty of jobs in the larger cities. Milan is a particularly rich area for TEFL work. Business English Teaching is especially popular. Teachers with a CELTA/TESOL or equivalent qualification are always in demand. Any knowledge of Italian is highly appreciated, it is nearly a necessity. If you want to work in Italy – be ready to teach a variety of age-groups and class-types: business clients, younger learners in private school or in local ‘scuola media’ (high school) etc.

On average, teachers can expect to be contracted for 25-30 hours teaching a week, although at busy times of the year they may be asked to do extra. Salaries vary between 800 and 1000 euros a month. If the school provides accommodation, rent may be taken directly out of your wages each month.

English-learning in Italy is very popular today. You will experience the Italians’ reputation as a warm and hospitable nation. They are very enthusiastic students. Teaching in this country will give you a fantastic insight into Italian language and culture.

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