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TEFL House in Ireland

TEFL House in Ireland provides several courses: “40 hours weekend on-line”, “60 hours weekend on-line” and “115 hour TEFL Certificate”.

40 hours weekend on-line
This course is for people who want to get qualification and confidence to teach abroad. It is an intensive course for weekends. So you can combine education and your usual lifestyle. It contains 20 hours on-line work so called e-learning. This form of studying and this course is perfect for students, graduates, qualified teachers or those who want to get TEFL training which will give them the qualification and confidence to teach abroad. The course covers the main aspects of EFL and ESL teaching. In a process of studying students will have the opportunity to ask teacher the questions and have individual feedback.
Students will get a TEFL booklet and a free pocket dictionary as the part of the course.

40 hour TEFL Contents
1. General Overview of the TEFL World
2. Overview of English Language–Form/Structures
3. Different Teaching Methodologies
4. How to Plan a Lesson/Prepare your First Class
5. Techniques for Teaching/Classroom Management
6. How to teach different Skills :
   - Writing
   - Listening (including Video)
   - Speaking (including Pronunciation)
   - Reading
   - English in Use
7. Student Evaluation
8. Choice/Retrieval/Adaptation of Language Material
9. Further Teaching Development

60 hours weekend on-line
This course has the same structure as the 40 hour course, but contains additional expansion on vital areas. Students are permitted to work on the course during 6 weeks from date of enrolment. And then they should submit a course assignment (including a lesson plan). Graded 60 Hour TEFL Certificates are issued within 10 days of receipt of course work.

115 hour TEFL taught course
This course is coming soon.