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TEFL_course_irelandIreland is a insular state. It is situated on the third largest island in Europe, and the twentieth largest island in the world. Great Britain lies to the east of Ireland. British and Irish islands are separated by the Irish Sea. The Republic of Ireland covers five sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, that belongs to United Kingdom, covers the remainder.

The name Ireland derives from the name Ériu (in modern Irish, Éire) with the addition of the Germanic word land (that means a state or a place).

TEFL_course_ireland_2Through the history Ireland has many different names: Island of Woods, Land at the Limit, Noble Island, Eire (from the name of the queen of the Tuatha De Danann), Inis Fail (the Island of stone), Isle of Mists, Scotia, Hibernia, and Irlanda. The island is said to be named Ogygia by the Greeks. It means “the most ancient land”, and this is suitable, as the island was firstly inhabited a long, long time ago.

Current Irish economy is booming and there is plenty of work for qualified EFL Instructors. Ireland is plenty of tourist, so fluent English speakers are able to find here so many opportunities to work.

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