Teach English Abroad   TEFL Course in Greece

Get the wonderful opportunity to gain the best TEFL certification in Greece that will surely help you to with job placement after completing the course, both throughout Greece, and elsewhere in the world.
greece_flagGreece is a historic country filled with ancient architecture, culture and tradition. This country is well-known around the world as the crib of human civilization.

Greece today is also the centre of the largest TEFL-teaching market in the world. With over 6,000 language schools (including many on Crete itself), the enormous demand for qualified native-speaking teachers can let a magnificent wealth of teaching opportunities. A lot of Greek private language schools are looking for the qualified English teachers. The majority of teachers will find themselves working for one of these language schools. It can bring in a good income whether it is your preferred career choice, or you wish to do it short-term until another career choice plans out.  

The network of boat services connecting the Aegean islands means that such other exotic locations as Rhodes, Santorini and Kos are all within cheap and easy reach.

You will have a great chance to visit all wonders of the Greece including museums, archaeological sites, monuments and cultural centers popular worldwide between your TEFL classes or after their finishing.
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