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flag_germanyGermany is a fairly mature market when it comes to finding work as a TEFL teacher, but if you have the right skill set, you can do pretty well there.

Much of the teaching in Germany is in corporate spheres, so any experience you have in any area of industry, science, technology, general business will most likely be welcome.
It may be quite hard to find sufficient work within an existing language school, but as a freelancer, if you're prepared to go it alone, the payback appears to be good.

The lack of abundant private English schools like you'd find in, say, Spain, probably comes down to the fact that state teaching of languages is so thorough in Germany.

This means that you're most likely to be teaching highish levels - probably from intermediate level upwards. It also means that, whilst you may get odd requests for English for younger learners, these are more likely to be the exception than the rule.  
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