Teach English Abroad   Prague Evropska Trinity Cert TESOL

If you want to study in one of the most beautiful places of Europe, read more to know the details on Prague Evropska Trinity Cert TESOL.
Prague Evropska Trinity Cert TESOL

Course information
Price - from £1710
Course type - Trinity CertTESOL
Min age – 18
Maximum Class Size - 16

Course Description
The course includes over 120 hours of input, and 10 hours of teaching (6 hours group, 3 hours 1-2-1 and 1 hour peer) over four weeks. The students will need to complete three written assignments: Unknown Natural Language Journal; Learner Profile Assignment; Material Analysis Assignment; and trainees have to take one examination (language awareness).

Course Topics
The programme of the course is divided into two sections: classroom skills and language systems. In the section of classroom skills, trainees will study the history of language teaching, motivational factors, teaching monolingual and multilingual classes, the basics of classroom management and how to organize different types of lessons. Trainees will also have to analyze their work. Teachers give the students different teaching techniques such as language games, music and song, and video.

In the section of language skills students are given an introduction to the sound system and phonology of English, and a basic overview of the vocabulary and grammar structures in the English language. One of the main tasks of the trainees is to present a language point to their peers.

Course assessment
In order to complete the course positively, trainees are required to produce satisfactory work in all components. They will be assessed on their teaching practice performance, will have three written assignments, and a language awareness examination.

School Details - Prague Evropska
The school is placed in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. A school is specializing in the Trinity Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) courses. The school is equipped with computers and a free internet access.

There is a nice park in front of the school and a tram stop on the other side of the building. You can take coffee, tea and drinking water for free at the school. A food shops and and a restaurant are right next to the building of school.

Prague is a popular place to escape in. It is famous for magnificent medieval architecture and traditional folklore. You will be amazed with big number of churches and cathedrals. Pleasant music from some front-room piano and friendly Czechs will make a unforgettable impression on you. This place is worthy staying here not only for one weekend.

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