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Studying and getting TEFL Diploma in one of the most picturesque cities of the Czech Republic is a topic you can read about in this article.
Brno International TEFL Diploma

Course information
Price - from £1512
Course type - 4-week equivalent TEFL Course
Min age – 18

Course Description
The programme of the course includes 148 classroom hours (12 hours of classroom-based teaching practice and 8 hours of teaching real foreign students being observed by your trainers). There are maximum 20 students for two qualified native-speaker trainers. All the studying time students are observed by professional trainers and are given individual written and oral feedback.
In the case of successful completion of the course, students receive the International TEFL Diploma. Students can choose the dual certificate program, with the goal of attaining both the International TEFL Diploma as well as the TEFL-Czech Certificate. The TEFL-Czech Certificate is designed for trainees who wish to teach English in the Czech and Slovac Republics. Having taking such a certificate you will be ready for teaching in specific areas of difficulty for Czech-speaking students, have a knowledge of the Czech school system and have the basic training in the Czech language.

brno_international_teflSchool Details - Brno Czech Republic
Brno is the second largest city after Prague in the Czech Republic. The city is an important region for economy, culture and wine production. It has an international airport and many rail connections. Brno is famous for its classical and folk music festivals. The city is rich with international restaurants, shops and cafes. Being less crowded than Prague it is still a good place for rest.

Brno is situated in a picturesque countryside, surrounded on three sides by wooded hills and opening to the Southern Moravian lowlands to the south of the city. In the north, the city is guarded by the foothils of the Drahany and Bohemian-Moravian ranges. The city itself lies in the basin of the Svratka and Svitava rivers. Geographically, Brno is part of the Danube Basin and has many historical ties to the Austrian capital of Vienna (Wien).

The school has been providing TEFL Training since 1992, and is well-know in the Czech Republic, Central Europe and in Asia. The school graduates receive individual attention and job guidance and they are offered a lifetime job placement service. The school has great relations with local Czech primary and secondary schools. There are also over 40 private language schools in the city so there are excellent local employment opportunities once you have finished your course.

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