Teach English Abroad   Brno Cambridge CELTA

The CELTA course will be useful for those English speakers who want to get training in teaching English and take the internationally recognised qualification: the Cambridge CELTA.
Brno Cambridge CELTA

Course information
Price - from £1598
Course type - Cambridge CELTA
Min age – 16
Max Class Size - 20

Course Description
The CELTA course provides English speakers with initial training in teaching English as a foreign language, and leads to the internationally recognised qualification: the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).
The programme of the course includes the general principles of teaching adult classes from beginner to post-intermediate level. Teaching practice takes a valuable part of the educational plan. In case of successful completion of the course you will be completely ready to a professional career in ELT.

The main topics
- The general principles and techniques of teaching and learning a foreign language
- The English language: linguistic form, function, meaning and phonology
- Teaching and learning the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
- Classroom techniques: presentation, practice, checking learning, error analysis, correction, classroom management, group work and pair work
- Lesson planning; course planning; timetables
- Different learning and teaching styles at adult level, adult learners' motivations and learning styles
- The evaluation and use of published and non-published resources and materials
- Professional development: evaluating one's own strengths and weaknesses, preparing to become a teacher, colleague and employee
Another important part of the studying at the CELTA course is seminars and workshops of experienced teachers. They observe your work, give commentary on your teaching, explain mistakes and ways to teach effectively.

brno_cambridge_celtaCambridge CELTA in Brno
The Cambridge CELTA is certainly one of the most popular initial qualifications. The course and qualification it gives has an excellent reputation. The courses are validated, and syllabus and assessment criteria are fixed by, the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). This assures quality control of the professional preparation.

Why doing a CELTA course in Brno?
Brno is the second largest city after Prague in the Czech Republic. The city is an important region for economy, culture and wine production. It has an international airport and many rail connections. Brno is famous for its classical and folk music festivals. The city is rich with international restaurants, shops and cafes. Being less crowded than Prague it is still a good place for rest.
Brno is situated in a picturesque countryside, surrounded on three sides by wooded hills and opening to the Southern Moravian lowlands to the south of the city. In the north, the city is guarded by the foothils of the Drahany and Bohemian-Moravian ranges. The city itself lies in the basin of the Svratka and Svitava rivers. Geographically, Brno is part of the Danube Basin and has many historical ties to the Austrian capital of Vienna (Wien).

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