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flag_costa_ricaThe TEFL training center is located in Manuel Antonio, a small town on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast less than 100 miles from the capital of San José. Manuel Antonio is worldly famous for its national parks, sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, and a part of wild nature.

The training centre has very favorable location in a beautiful area. Overlooking the beach of a national park, the center has 12 open-air classrooms, a large lobby area in which to study or socialize, and a beautiful outdoor terrace that provides an extraordinary view of the rainforest edging up to the ocean. School has also an access to such services as phone and fax inside the building, plus there are computers and the internet provided.

Manuel Antonio’s natural diversity allows for a variety of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, kayaking, rafting, hiking, dolphin-watching, and scuba diving. These natural attractions are complemented by plenty of social options, as both Manuel Antonio and the nearby town of Quepos have a variety of restaurants, stores, hotels, and nightclubs.  Manuel Antonio makes a great place get certified and to prepare yourself for an English teaching position in bustling San José or in any of the smaller towns throughout this beautiful country.

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TEFL Course in Manuel Antonio
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