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Get to know more about TEFL course in China that is a wonderful opportunity for you to get a teaching certificate as well as practicum positions in training.
TEFL Certificate Course
chinaTEFL course provides teacher training for those who want to live and teach in countries like China and Thailand, where English is a foreign language and students have little every day experience to it. English is the main language of world trade, business and management. It is the global language of travel, tourism and hospitality. That is why governments, businesses and educational institutions want their people to master this language. That is also why TEFL certification provides unequalled opportunities for language teachers to work and travel.

The Course Approach
The approach is known as communicative language teaching that is broadly accepted in Western countries, but has only recently begun to take root in Asia. The principles taught in TEFL certification course can be used successfully in any country where English is a foreign language.

Course Overview
The university-standard instruction to native (or near-native) speakers of English is offered. So far, the majority of our students have sought careers as English instructors and teachers in Thailand. Others, however, have productively applied for positions in other countries.

Course Fee
USD $ 1,375 (includes all tuition, materials and certification)

china_great_wallCourse Dates
May 28 - 2007
June 25 - 2007
July 23 - 2007
August 20 – 2007
September 17 - 2007

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