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Learn about TEFL course in China, read useful information concerning getting a teaching position for English teachers.

flag_chinaThe gigantic landmass that dominates southeastern Asia, China is the fourth largest country in the world. It is home to the globe’s largest population and its most-spoken language, Mandarin. An ancient nation with a long and powerful history dating back thousands of years, China is striving rapidly to rise into modern times. Luckily for those interested in teaching abroad, a big part of the country’s push into the global market is its quest for English.

The TEFL program is located in Shanghai, the nation’s largest and most westernized city. The modern training centre has computer rooms, Internet access, multimedia centers, and places to eat. Nearby are a variety of restaurants, convenience stores, and shopping malls.

Huge cosmopolitan city, Shanghai has a very tensed and sped lasting life, urban day and fascinating night life. When the neon lights appear against the skyline at dusk, the city comes to life. Regardless on what type of bar you prefer, take for granted that you will find it and hundreds of others in downtown. Alternatives to the bar scene also abound, as you can attend a professional dance performance, join an all-night game of Mahjong, or grab a few friends, a small keg of beer, and head into a private soundproofed room for a fun-filled evening at a karaoke lounge.

  During the day, visitors to Shanghai can hit the city’s abundant shopping options, from street markets to upscale designer stores. Learn about all aspects of Chinese life: tea, feng shui, clothes, etc. Other possible activities include taking a Huangpu river cruise, visiting the Shanghai art museum, or grabbing a bite to eat at one of the city’s fine eateries.

There are many positions for teachers in China, and the native English speakers are in great demand all along the country. Shanghai is an excellent city to start your adventure in China. For foreign citizens there are a lot of comforts besides you are able to get to know more about Chinese culture and life. The TEFL course in Shanghai will prepare you to get a job in the city, or to head off for one of the many English teaching positions available across the country.

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