Teach English Abroad   TEFL Courses in Vancouver

Check out the institutions that provide training programs and diplomas for teachers in Vancouver.
TEFL Courses in Vancouver

vancouverVancouver is the largest port on the West coast of North America and the third largest city in Canada. So it is very likely you will be interested in getting certified for the future TEFL career in this very city. Check out the institutions that provide training programs and diplomas for teachers in Vancouver.

International House Career College, Vancouver

The IH Vancouver TESL Courses center on the development of practical teaching skills of the participants. To receive a certification a participant should complete a practical and written assessment tests. There are two additional TESL courses:
- The ICERT in TESL – a 4-week course for non-native speakers of English who plan to start teaching career on their return back home, 
- The IHCYL Certificate – a 2-week course for both native or non-native speakers of English who are interested in teaching EFL to young children.

Vancouver Community College

The College offers the largest teacher training programs in Western Canada, recognized both in Canada and world wide. The variety of courses comprises 10 different programs among which:
- TESOL Diploma;
- International TESOL Dimploma;
- TEFL Certificate obtained through part-time studying;
- Intensive TEFL Certificate for International Students;
- Intensive TEFL Certificate for Teaching Young Learners and others.

Vancouver TEFL Institute

The institute provides training and certificates for those who want to teach EFL to young learners. The programs involves the completion of 5 courses each 1 hours in length:
- Children 101 The Beginning Stages; 
- Understanding Children; 
- Teaching Children; 
- In the Life of a Child; 
- Practicum Placement.
After all the courses are successfully completed, a certificate is granted to the participants. Many non-native speakers have taken advantage from this program and went back to their countries to teach English.

Greystone College

Situated in Vancouver, Greystone College offers a 6-week TESOL Certificate Program, which consists of intensive courses, workshops and supervised teaching classes. The programs are available both to the Canadian and to  the international students.

Canaglobe TESOL Centre

Courses offered in Vancouver comprise intensive 1 month of studying for those who want to become ESL teachers.  The courses include TESOL Diploma Program and TEC (Teaching English to Children). There is a possibility of part-time or correspondence studying. If the participants don’t have a job placement after they graduate, it is offered by the Centre.