Teach English Abroad   TEFL Course in Canada

Get to know more about TEFL courses available in Canada, their peculiarities and requirements. Discover also a variety job opportunities for the EFL teachers.

indexIf you want to get certified as an EFL teacher in Canada it is much easier to do when you are a resident of the country. The main reason for this being the cost of the programs, which is above average.

Finding a job in Canada also may cause some problems, especially if you are not a local resident. Here a very important role play such things as citizenship, residency, work visa (to obtain the latter may be a very complicated task to fulfill). What concerns employers, they are not eager to sponsor foreign teachers.

So, if you are a Canadian and want to complete one of the TEFL courses available in Canada, be sure to remember the following facts about the TEFL certificate program:

1. The program will teach you how to TEACH English to foreigners.
2. A fundamental requirement for enrollment in any TEFL course is to be a native speaker of English or to have a very good command of it.
3. The most from TEFL courses will profit those who plan to work in any country other than their native one.
4. The TEFL certificate is not a proficiency one.

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