Teach English Abroad   TEFL Institute Belo Horizonte FAQ's

Look through the most frequently asked questions concerning TEFL Institute Belo Horizonte course in Brazil in order to be sure it is exactly for your needs and interest.
TEFL Institute Belo Horizonte FAQ's
1. When is the best time to teach in Brazil?
In Brazil there are better times all through the year to begin your English Teaching Project than others. The majority of the schools will start their first term from mid-July to early-September. They start their second term in early-January to early-March. You should plan to start your course before or during these timeframes. Precise start dates will be defined by your school.  

2. Is there a placement guarantee?
The TEFL Institute guarantees its training with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Every successful graduate is guaranteed placement in one of six program countries upon accessibility.

3. What do I need to teach English in Brazil?
This program is for current college students, recent college graduates, and professionals with equal experience from English speaking countries. If you are not a native-English speaker from one of these countries you may still meet the criteria depending on your confidence in the English language. Anyway you should consult your GEC Advisor for more information. You also need:
• Sincere desire to teach English in Brazil
• Native English Speaker (or high degree of English fluency)
• 18 years of age or older
• High School Diploma or higher
• Valid Passport

4. What about a visa or work permit?
The majority of teachers travel to Brazil under a tourist visa. You will need to present your passport and visa documentation to the Spanish Consulate for your area together with the suitable fees. Your tourist visa will be transformed by your school after 30 days to a cultural exchange or work visa about 60 to 90 days after you are hired. This is the duty of your school and not the TEFL Institute.

5. What are my work hours?
Your work hours will differ at the same time as teaching in Brazil. You can expect to teach evening classes and Saturday classes for the reason that those are the best times for your students to take Conversational English courses. The majority of teachers will start with a lower number of teaching hours and grow as they show their teaching enthusiasm and commitment to their sponsor.

6. What kind of school will I teach at?
You will teach at private English Language schools where the majority of the students will pay a tuition fee to the school to learn Conversational English.

7. What is an average program day like at the TEFL Institute? What's the schedule?
Class time is usually 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday – Friday), with mid morning and afternoon breaks and a lunch break. For about two weeks, you will be preparing to teach. For the other two weeks, you will in fact be teaching every morning and preparing your materials in the afternoons.   

8. What is the TEFL job market like in Brazil?
The TEFL job market in Brazil is exceptional at present. You will surely place work in no time, typically in the area of your choice. The TEFL Institute guarantees every graduate a teaching place with one of partnering schools.

9. What is the average teaching salary in Brazil?
The average salary in Brazil is about 850 Reis per month for a native-English speaker, though of course this differs depending on what kind of school or company you work for and whether you work full or part-time.