Teach English Abroad   Taking the TESOL Diploma

Get to know how you can get a diploma of English teacher in TESOL.
Taking the TESOL Diploma

taking_tesol_diplomaTESOL is famous global education association. The abbreviation TESOL means - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Today in the context of globalization, integration and close world co-operation, significance of international languages greatly raises. The most requested languages in the whole world to learn are Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese. But English is the overall champion. English is spoken in every nook and cranny in the world. Studying English is needed for providing a successful international business. Today the English language has become something that connects people from the entire world, the only chance to communicate people from different countries and languages. And this is one of the main reasons to have well qualified English teachers in every country of the world.

Teacher Certification

TESOL teaching profession becomes more and more competitive. When you find a good teaching job you are required to work on higher qualifications. TESOL certificate is only the base qualification. And then teachers who are committed to the this profession usually go on to take the TESOL diploma. The TESOL Diploma is comprehensive course that lasts a full year and is valued highly in Europe.

An Overview

The main purpose of TESOL diploma is not only to improve your career qualification but to give a broad overview of the common approaches to teaching and learning English. You are given with different methodologies to teach efficiently. No one method is taught as being "correct". But the main task of TESOL is to provide you with all the necessary tools to evaluate and apply different teaching methods to meet each student's needs.

Taking the Course

The distance learning method has both its advantages and disadvantages. Among advantages is that you should not leave your family and job to raise your qualification. In the case of impossibility to complete an intensive course in England a distant course is a wonderful solution. But do not relax. A course has such a complex program so you have to display self-discipline to study the course effectively. A course is more theoretical than practical. Mostly you will get teaching and learning theory. And even practical tasks of the exam will also be tightly connected with the teaching theory that is extremely helpful in teaching career.


   = Your diligence and self-discipline during the entire academic year are of absolute importance to deal with all the material presented and get TESOL diploma.
   = As the exam itself concentrates on global issues of teaching, not only separate topics, you need to display good knowledge of the entire course not paying attention to details.
   = Try to organize something like holiday break to rest and refresh your strength before the final week and preparing to the exam. You’ll feel better and studying will not seam so exhausting for you.