Teach English Abroad   Program Length and Content

Find out more about TEFL certificates programs lenth, learn about what the content of these programs is, find best options for foreign teachers.
Program Length and Content
TEFL Certificate Programs: Length
  There is a wide variety of TEFL certificates programs open for business all around the world, some courses are intense and require a lot of time and energy. Other types of courses are not so intensive, but nevertheless give their attendees interesting information and skills.

Most TEFL courses run anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. There are also some days when different not obligatory seminars are held. From the more established and respected programs, you can expect at least a hundred hours of class time as well as some practice teaching.

TEFL Certificate Programs: Content
TEFL certificate courses generally focus on practical teaching skills and many will include practice teaching as part of the course. Though some additional linguistic theory is included, the main goals in the TEFL certification are to give a person certain practical skills.  Any theory provided is there to provide a backdrop for the practical skills being learned.

Main strategies and study principals are taught during the TEFL courses. A teacher-trainer might model an activity with the TEFL certificate class, then the activity will be explained and discussed, bringing forth the theory behind it and possibly even stimulating the trainer or others to additional insight. At many courses there are training sessions, which are held in order to practice and refine the newly learned material.

The typical TEFL certificate program will focus on a variety of aspects of language teaching from very practical skills such as learning how to teach vocabulary and using games effectively, to somewhat more abstract but no less important aspects such as understanding the teacher’s role in the classroom and assessment of students’ skills and progress.