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flag_south_africaEFL / ESL jobs in the East usually don’t require the teacher to have a TEFL qualification. Bachelor’s degree is the only thing that is required for English teacher in the countries of South Asia. This poses the question: Why should I bother getting a TEFL qualification?

The first advantage is an ability to teach, the skill which is indispensable for every person who has never did it before. This will be extremely important when you first start an English teaching job in a foreign country. You will have to deal with culture shock for the first time of course, it will take a lot of time trying to get used to the foreign style of living. Learning how to teach English will be an added pressure, which might just result in you packing your bags and heading home. Not every school will offer you teacher training course or will be ready to correct your qualification; they may or may not expect from you to be able to teach English without any difficulty. 

Secondly and most importantly, getting a TEFL certificate is the first stage in becoming a professional ESL / EFL teacher. A lot of teachers pass TEFL course after a few years of working experience.  They do this to improve their teaching abilities and to help them develop in the ESL /EFL field. Be sure you will get   
a better job having the relevant TEFL certificate. Take a look at jobs advertised for countries like Hong Kong or in Europe. But there at least some form of TEFL certification is still required.
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