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Study useful information about the CELTA courses in Italy, their format, structure and application procedures.

indexTeacher jobs in Italy become more and more concerns of competition for the potential employers. Although, it might still be possible to find a teaching place at some private organization basing your application only on your knowledge of English and not on any proper qualifications, it becomes harder and harder. Most companies, language centers and schools expect their applicants to possess a formal ESF/EFL teacher certificate, among which a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is the most widely recognized among employers.

In Italy, the CELTA program is available at International House in Rome and in Milan. The courses may be either full time and take 4 weeks of intensive training or part-time (the length differs depending on how many hours per day the course takes).

Read about the CELTA course details and application procedures in major learning centers in Italy.

Cambridge CELTA in Milan
Check out information about the CELTA center in Milan, the course description and application requirements.
Cambridge CELTA in Rome
Read about the advantages CELTA center in Rome offers for its trainees, what the syllabus include and how the course is organized.