Teach English Abroad   CELTA FAQ

Here you will find answers to many questions concerning taking CELTA and the following usage of teh certificate in job search.
Do I need a CELTA qualification to teach English?
A CELTA qualification is not a minimum qualification need to teach English but it is definitely a good place to start and you would be well advised to do at least some kind of initial qualification before you think about teaching English.

The requirements for teacher’s qualification are different in very other country. Most schools seem to require that you have a minimum of a BA degree (in any subject) but this is not always the case. Some schools (especially in Asia and South America) just require you to have a white face (unfortunately racism is not only confined to the west) and be a native English speaker from North America, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

If you do decide to take a CELTA or TEOL course, you are much more likely to get a better salary and you should find it a lot easier to find a job teaching English. To enter the classroom full of students you need to possess a courageous character and do your duties effectively and professionally.

  The only disadvantage of taking TESOL or CELTA course is that it takes a lot of time and money. Courses are not cheap and many English teachers are newly graduated students trying to pay off expensive student loans who don't have the time or money to take a CELTA or TESOL course.

How many approved CELTA centers are there worldwide?
There are over 240 officially recognized CELTA centers in over 45 countries worldwide.
If you are looking for a CELTA course provider in your country check out our CELTA directory . Click on your desired location from the list of countries that have a CELTA course provider for more information about taking a CELTA certificate in that country.

If the country in which you wish to take the CELTA course is not listed on the list then that means that there are no available CELTA centers in that country.