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The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course is designed as an initial qualification for those wishing to teach English language to adults. A CELTA course can give you the skills needed to teach English to adults wishing to improve their English skills.

A CELTA qualification offers people with little or not actual teaching experience the opportunity to work worldwide and be recognized as qualified to teach English.
Because CELTA qualifications are awarded by Cambridge ESOL which is part of Cambridge University (UK) it is internationally recognized and CELTA students can rest assured that whichever centre they choose to take their CELTA course, it reaches the strict standards and requirements as set by Cambridge ESOL.

If you are looking to teach English, then CELTA is one of the best options for you giving you both the confidence and skills needed to start your new career as an English teacher.
Over 10,000 people successfully complete a CELTA course each year.

What's the difference between CELTA, TEFL and TESOL?
Cambridge CELTA is run and regulated by Cambridge ESOL
Trinity TESOL is run and regulated by Trinity College
While there are key differences between the two courses above, there also many similarities and both are accepted and recognized worldwide. Both are strictly regulated.

A TEFL qualification is a lot easier and cheaper to get. As TEFL certificates are not strictly regulated (there is no set international course standard) you will need to thoroughly check your course provider's credentials and commitment.

In a nutshell, TESOL and CELTA qualifications are recognized in more countries across the globe and in most cases, more highly regarded than a basic TEFL qualification.

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