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If you are considering teaching English in Vietnam, the following information will help you to get to know what to expect.
Teaching English FAQ

Teaching English abroad is a unique experience in any country, but perhaps no more so than in Vietnam. The Vietnamese people’s life is extremely influenced by the past. The beauty of the countryside combined with the rich heritage of the culture will surely result in a surprising experience.

What Requirements to Teach in Vietnam?
Generally teaching English in Vietnam requires a four-year college degree in any subject, and if possible a TEFL certificate. It will increase your chances of landing a good job at the same time as certification is not compulsory. A working knowledge of the Vietnamese language is preffered, but simply for your own comfort and peace of mind.

Are there Available Positions?
Many people teaching English in Vietnam do so at universities. English is a well-liked course of study for a lot of students at Vietnamese university. That is why the possibilities for you are good. You will definitely be an extremely respected member of the faculty as a native English speaker.

It is also probable to obtain a job as a private English tutor in Vietnam, or as a teacher of part-time conversational classes. A lot of Vietnamese adults decide to learn English and attend evening classes by choice, and native-speaking teachers are always in demand.

What about the Life in Vietnam?
As a teacher of English in Vietnam, you will really be considered a citizen. You will be required to have a work visa in order to stay legally in the country. You should pay attention to this factor when you are choosing a city in which to teach. Big cities may be more expensive in terms of cost of living. On the other hand they will propose you more opportunities for teaching positions.

No matter where you decide to live, keep in mind that traveling in Vietnam is expensive. Rail travel is obtainable, but is in general it is slow. So if you are away from your home you may think about using a bicycle.

Vietnam is an enjoyable and beautiful country for visitors. The Vietnamese people are well-known for being incredibly friendly and accepting. You will find your Vietnamese students to be open-minded and giving, with a sense of fairness and teamwork already well developed.
What to Expect?
Teaching English in Vietnam is a wonderful adventure, but you should not expect to get rich doing it there. The teacher’s salary is comparatively low in Vietnam, and sometimes jobs are somewhat limited and hard to locate.

On the other hand you can make the experience much more positive for yourself if you go into it with some money in the bank and a few connections. A lot of colleges and organizations propose teacher-exchange programs that can assist you in placing with a school in Vietnam and get you started on the path to your teaching career. Make use of the internet as a tool, and look online for teaching jobs in Vietnam. The more prepared you are, the more you will take advantage from the whole experience.