Teach English Abroad   Teach English in Vietnam Basics

Check out the fundamental information with reference to teaching English in Vietnam. Discover all the details concerning job and accommodations finding.
Teach English in Vietnam Basics
No qualifications are required to teach in Vietnam, though, the more qualifications you have, the better your job prospects will be and the more money you can earn. Degrees are necessary for a visa, but a lot of people are still teaching without a degree as official policy is not always carried out. Good qualifications comprise a university degree, TEFL certificate and some teaching experience. Like most countries, the higher paying jobs come only after you have been there for a short time.

Appearance is also important when searching for a job. Professional clothing is expected. The majority of schools hire in-country as schools do not want to bother with the hiring process for someone who may not even show up.

English Teaching Jobs
The majority of the teaching jobs are in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) or to a lesser degree, in the capital of Hanoi. You will be teaching in a language schools, teaching students of all ages. In addition there is work in universities, but the pay is lower than in the language schools.

Salaries vary from $10-$18 US per hour dependent on the school and your qualifications. In Vietnam you can surely enjoy yourself on this income. Schools will pay you from $1000-1400 US per month.

Working Conditions
Work visas are not easy to get in Vietnam. So the majority of teachers lives and works on a business visa, which the school will sponsor. Nearly everyone teacher arrives on a tourist visa and after he or she finds a job, he or she then gets it changed to a business visa. The majority of teachers work 15-25 hours a week, but can work more.

General Information
In Vietnam you do not have to commit yourself to a yearsapa_vietnam long contract, like a lot of other countries and the income you earn can let you to live an extremely comfortable lifestyle. The majority of teachers are very happy about their life in Vietnam.

You can stay in hotels for as low as $5-10 US per night in HCMC while you look for an apartment for around $120-$200 US per month.