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Vietnam is one of the hidden jewels of the English teaching world. Get to know more details concerning teaching English opportunities in this country.
vietnam_flagContemporary Vietnam combines an ancient, Chinese-derived peasant culture with surprising French, Russian, and even American influences. In spite of accelerating modernization, the countryside remains amazingly beautiful.

One of the country’s most striking characteristics is the youthfulness of the population: well over half of Vietnam’s 70 million-plus people were born after 1975. This young population, joint with the irresistible attractiveness of English as a job qualification, has created a huge demand for learning English, and there are now plentiful opportunities for English teachers.

Generally the Vietnamese are striving forward in spite of the war devastated years, with tourism and commerce playing a large role in this progress. For you, as an English teacher, this means that there is a growing demand for your services. Some quality schools can propose a salary and contract to teachers, but also needed are those teachers prepared to volunteer their time and attempt to help the children. 

In Vietnam you will definitely love the friendly people and wonderful scenery and take pleasure in the advantages of a low cost of living.  
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