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Read about teaching English in Ukraine, find if you are illegible to teach in Ukraine and what is needed for a foreign teacher to be employed as an English teacher.

flag_ukraineTeachers of English are in great demand in Ukraine as are not numerous, and this demand is growing.  Many work in a semi-voluntary capacity and must be prepared to accept not very prosperous and luxury conditions of living. But lately the situation has a little bit improved and at the beginning of year 2006, visa requirements became not so complicated and tough, though it is advisable to find a commercial educational establishment that will pay for your visa. A number of language institutes run conversation clubs whereby native speakers are employed to have informal discussions in English with clients.

No qualifications needed to be able to participate in a teaching placement in the Ukraine. Teaching placement can be granted to those 3 groups that can come on travel visa:

1. Children or teenagers in state schools.
2. Kindergarten children
3. English language centers associate adult members of any age.

Kiev is the biggest city of Ukraine, hence most of job opportunities for English teachers may found right here, in the capital and heart of Ukraine.

 It is not true that most of employers may be searched in no other city but Kiev, and teaching placements may very from actually teaching English to any other connected or not with the English language. It is good perspective and fascinating opportunity for Ukrainians to learn English from native speakers, and you will be overwhelmed by the amount of teaching they strive for and their commitment to learning. So if you are a good English teacher you may expect to be employed in private or governmental school, where you may even mean socialising with the older students after school hours!

So don’t miss your chance to make a forwarding career and get to know about interesting abroad country. Stop hesitating and come to teach English in Ukraine.

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