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Useful Tips

You will be irritated with small children, if you choose to teach in provincial schools. The economy is a rollercoaster, and whether you get paid a full paycheck every month is a lottery. But accommodation is often good, as are the hours, and you can get very good cable TV! Living is cheap, and the pay usually better than Spain or Italy, so with free accommodation you can live well and save a little every month.

Once you get out of the big cities that the experiences that you have in this country change phenomenally. The larger cities can find replacement teachers really easily so they consider you quite expendable. However, in the smaller cities you become a great deal more valuable.
Turkish people are extremely friendly polite and not in the least bit intimidating.
The bad overseas press they receive is quite unjust and unfair to say the least.

On the whole, the traveling, historical sightseeing and the people of Turkey who are very hospitable can be a wonderful experience. Just remember that in a low economic climate more people will try to scam any foreigner and to distinguish these ones very quickly.

In Istanbul, the Bosporus is gorgeous all year round and a ferry ride along it is cheap. Every year there is an international film festival, music festival, and jazz festival. There are lots of cinemas with recent movies, usually in English with Turkish subtitles.

Regarding teaching, if you have only a TEFL certificate, you can find a job only in a language school, which, as in most countries, means you have limited options regarding pay and housing.

Turkey is considered a country of cultural diversity. Of course there are bad schools, but the good ones are more frequent luckily. Turkey as you know, or may not, is an extremely cheap place to live, and being an English teacher who makes 5 times more than your average Turk who manages to provide for his/her family, you can live comfortably.