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If you love Turkey or want to get to know and love it, if you can speak English in addition and have ambitions to live abroad, what are you waiting for? Go to Turkey!
Finding a Job
teach_english_in_turkeyA lot of people take pleasure in traveling, but short visits to a country are hardly ever enough to get a real feel for the culture and people living there. Living and working in a country is almost certainly the best way to get to know more about a place. If you have ever been interested in visiting Turkey, there is an extremely simple way of making a living for any English speaking tourist.

The Turkish middle classes are incredibly enthusiastic to learn English, and they actually want to learn it from the language native speaker. If you speak English as your first language, you are nearly guaranteed a job teaching English in Turkey. A number of students wanting to learn English far overshadows a number of English teachers, which means that a lot of schools will hire a teacher even with no the appropriate qualifications.

Having a teaching degree or English degree without doubt helps, but it is not essential. The only requirement of some schools is that you are a native speaker of English. A TEFL certificate will surely increase your chances of getting a job, but again, it is not necessary. Just about all schools offer a training period before you are in fact put in front of a class.

There are many English schools in Istanbul that hire adult English speaking students. So it is absolutely easier to find a job in than the primary schools. This denotes that you will probably work evenings and weekends, but this leaves your day free to travel around cultural and historical Turkish cities.

Do not expect to make a lot of money teaching English in Turkey. The salaries are reasonable, and the cost of living is very low, but you are not probable to leave with an enormous savings account. Any additional money is typically spent on trips around the country or other explorations.

The majority of schools usually propose you to stay for one year, but only some schools are ready to pay work permit fees. This denotes that you have to leave the country every 3 months to renovate your tourist visa. This is vital, if you try to leave the country with an expired visa; you will be charged a heavy fine. But without a proper work permit, your agreement is not applicable and you can leave at any time. teach_english_in_turkey

Many people arrange a job previous to going. Dave’s ESL café: www.daveseslcafe.com may help you with this as it is a helpful website giving job listings from all over the world, offering useful tips, and warnings about schools where other teachers have had bad experiences.